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Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program




The Science & Engineering Apprenticeship Program (S&EAP) is a competitive program for graduating high school seniors who plan to attend college in the fall semester following graduation and who have both applied and been admitted to The University of Texas at Austin. The program exposes the selected students to laboratory research and development and gives them an idea of what scientists and engineers do. Local area high schools are notified of the program, and students who have an interest in electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, physics, mathematics, and computer science are invited to apply. U.S. citizenship is required.


Each student is supervised by a research scientist or engineer and given a project they can complete during the apprenticeship. In addition to these projects, the program offers students opportunities to learn more about the different types of research done at ARL:UT. These activities include presentations from ARL:UT staff, student "socials" that provide participants a chance to get to know each other and share information about their projects, a tour of ARL:UT's Lake Travis Test Station, and a chance for the students to showcase their research through technical reports and poster presentations. See the 2015 Summer Program participants.


The S&EAP began as a part of the ongoing Department of Defense Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program for High School Students. A long-term goal of the program is to encourage students to pursue careers in the science and engineering disciplines, particularly in areas related to the needs of the U.S. Department of Defense. ARL:UT accomplishes this goal by carefully assigning each student to a research project that can be completed during the summer. When the program started the summer of 1982, nine students from five local high schools participated. Including the students from Summer 2015, 545 students have taken part in the program, and most have gone on to major in science or engineering in colleges throughout the United States. Many participants return to ARL:UT in student and research positions and stay on to contribute for several years.

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