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Data Base Technology
· Data Warehousing
· XML Applications
· Information Retrieval
· Data Mining
· Knowledge Management
· Agent Technology

Other Computer Engineering
· Real Time Simulation
· Object-Oriented Design and Programming (w/Java & C++)
· Real Time Embedded Systems
· High Speed Data Stream Encoding

Signal processing
· DSP programming
· Reduced Rank Beamforming methods
· Efficient Beamforming implementation
· Unique signal vector beamforming concepts
· Transducer Array design and signal processing
· Image Processing and analysis
· Computer aided detection and classification
· Three dimensional, image data processing and visualization
· Gradient-sensing techniques with large-array beam processing
· Multi-hypothesis Bayesian tracking and classification
· Adaptive signal processing
· Seismo-acoustic based detection and classification

Materials and Transducer design
· Highly absorptive Material Design and measurement/analysis of acoustic properties
· Micromachined (MEMS) capacitive acoustic transducer design
· Advanced 1-3 composite piezoelectric acoustic transducer design

Unmanned/autonomous vehicles
· Single and Coordinated Small AUV controls
· Small AUV Hydrodynamic simulation and experimental analysis
· Maneuvering and Sensing With Small UUV Vehicles
· Autonomous Surface Craft Systems Engineering

Acoustics and propagation modeling
· Physical models of bottom reverberation
· Integral equation methods for solving non-separable problems
· Inversion methods applied to acoustics and other areas
· Adiabatic, coupled, and PE modeling techniques
· Elastic (high & low ka) target responses
· Finite Element Acoustic/Elastic Simulation
· HF sonar performance prediction modeling
· Thermo-acoustics
· Sonolysogenesis
· Condition based maintenance/non-destructive test & evaluation
· Seismo-acoustic propagation

· Precise geolocation and atmospheric/ionospheric physics
· Radio Frequency Computer Communications and Networking
· Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation
· Multi-spectral Imaging Techniques and Image Processing
· Laser-based 3-D Surface Mapping

Research Topics & Examples

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Examples of Specific Research Topics

· Physical models of bottom reverberation: Construction of underlying scattering theory and inverse problem.

· Integral equation methods for solving non-separable problems in acoustics.

· Performance prediction of high frequency acoustic signal processing algorithms (adaptive null steering, monopulse processing, computer aided detection).

· Investigating adiabatic, coupled, and PE modeling techniques with the objective of developing a coupled-mode approach that would maintain the efficiency of adiabatic but include a significant portion of the coupling effects.

· Imaging at close range, for assistance with robotic manipulator arms in turbid water, using sonar frequencies rivaling those of medical ultrasound.

· Launch & recovery of a small UUV with a large UUV, including small vehicle vectoring to a target by a larger system, small vehicle maneuvering about a target for close range sensing, and small vehicle rendezvous with large vehicle.

· Develop and refine techniques used in the classification of unknown contacts based on uncertain, undersampled, and/or parametrically sensitive inputs.

· Development of methods for real time acoustic geolocations of pulse train events in the presence of ocean surface noise at moderate to high sea states.

· Development of algorithms for synthesis of high density laser profiling data and development of 3-D rendering models (fly-over simulations).

· Extensions of terminal area optical processing for automated image analysis and multi-spectral image fusion.

· Analysis and investigations into hydrodynamics and advanced hull designs for autonomous surface craft to support development of high survivability sensor platforms for extended unattended use.

· Database technology and data warehousing using agent technology.

· Network intrusion detection using expert systems

Research Topics & Examples

PDF file

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