On-Campus Recruiting

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Visit us soon!

We will be recruiting on several college campuses during the Spring 2019 semester. Please watch this page for upcoming dates and locations. We look forward to meeting you soon!

School & Event Location January 2019
Texas A&M | Reed Arena 1/23: 9am–4pm
Texas A&M | Reed Arena 1/24: 9am–4pm
School & Event Location February 2019
Rice | Gibbs Rec. Center 2/1: 10am–3pm
UT Engineering | Erwin Center 2/7: 10am–4pm
Baylor | Foster Campus 2/13: 3–7pm
UT Dallas STEM | Activity Center 2/15: 11am–4pm
TX Tech Engr. | Lubbock Civ. Cntr. 2/20: 10am–4pm
UT Natural Sciences | Erwin Center 2/21: 1–5pm